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Are you a patient in Orange County who feels anxious about receiving the proper dental services to improve your oral health because you’re scared that it’ll hurt or because you simply don’t have the time? Don’t worry, because Orange County sedation dentist Charles Tozzer, D.D.S. is here to help you with all your cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry needs. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States admit to fearing the pain and trauma often associated with visiting a dentists’ office. With the advent of conscious sedation, an Orange County sedation dentist can now give patients the benefits of dental hygiene and dental surgery without it having to be a bad experience for the patient.

An Orange County sedation dentist treats patients who might otherwise abstain from maintaining their oral health because they feel that the discomfort associated with the procedures is not worth it. Under conscious sedation, keeping regular visits to the dentist is easier than ever. Moreover, Dr. Tozzer is able to perform even dental surgery procedures that may require a lot of time and many repeat procedures in just 1 or 2 dentists’ appointments. This way, patients with highly busy schedules will be able to reap the benefits of quality dental care too. And, better yet, the patient will wake up from long dental procedures and feel as though nothing has happened. Sedation dentistry allows patients to receive proper dental care with no trauma, no pain and extremely little risk.

The sedation medication used by Orange County sedation dentist Charles Tozzer comes in the form of a small pill that can be taken prior to the appointment. Patients don’t even need to get pricked with any needles before their procedure. The pill is very safe and poses much less of a health threat than any of the stronger IV-delivered sedation medications commonly used in hospitals. With the help of Orange County sedation dentist Charles Tozzer and his dedicated staff, you’ll be on your way to a healthy smile, pain-free, in no time at all.

A wide variety of dental services can be performed while a patient is under conscious sedation. Before your appointment, your Orange County sedation dentist Charles Tozzer will give you a small pill to take before you come in at the appointed time. Once you get into the office, more sedation with laughing gas can be administered at your request to increase your comfort and relaxation levels even more. After the necessary dental services are completed, you’ll need a friend or family member to come pick you up so that you can rest at home while the sedatives wear off. Call an Orange County sedation dentist if you’re interested in scheduling a sedation dentistry procedure. Maintaining good oral care has never been so quick and easy.

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