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Irvine sedation dentist Charles Tozzer, D.D.S. offers a multitude of dental procedures in his Southern California office. His expertise ranges from general to cosmetic dentistry. In addition, Dr. Tozzer’s patients have the option of being put under conscious sedation during many of the dental procedures he performs. Sedation dentistry is a thriving field of safe medicinal practice practiced by thousands of dentists nationwide. It is catered to patients who hesitate to visit their dentists because of an innate fear of dental procedures and patients who do not have enough time to endure repeat appointments, even when it is necessary for their oral health. While a patient is under conscious sedation, an Irvine sedation dentist such as Dr. Tozzer is able to perform dental work that would typically require 5 or 6 appointments in only 1 or 2 appointments—and the patient will hardly remember it!

Sedation dentistry with a trained Irvine sedation dentist can be a great way to maintain proper dental health and dental hygiene without having to take too much time out of one’s busy schedule. Traditionally, dental procedures have been associated with loud whirring noises, sharp metal tools and highly chemical smells that give many patients a lot of anxiety, to say the least. Studies show that a huge proportion of Americans avoid visiting a dentist even when emergency dental care is necessary. Some say that trauma experienced during a childhood dentist appointment, a sensitive gag reflex and adverse reaction to the environment of a dental office play a significant role in establishing any general feeling of distress. With the help of an Irvine sedation dentist like Charles Tozzer, however, patients can rest easy knowing that they can receive quality treatment for all their cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry needs in a painless, efficient manner.

What’s more—an Irvine sedation dentist does not need to use any needles to put a patient under conscious sedation. Sedation dentistry experts have developed a special pill that can be taken even before the patient arrives at the dental office. The pill is much safer than other modes of sedation used when patients in hospitals are put under general anesthesia. Sedation dentistry medication is also generally less costly than stronger forms of sedation that need the help of an intravenous line in order to administer. Irvine sedation dentist Charles Tozzer would simply ask the patient to take a pill an hour prior to the appointed dental procedures are scheduled to begin. When the patient arrives, he or she may already be drowsy but may request further sedation. Once the patient is asleep, a topical anesthetic medication can be swabbed into the patient’s mouth in order to numb the area and prepare it for dental work.

Most dental procedures, from teeth cleanings to extensive root canal repair, can be performed using sedation dentistry techniques. If you are afraid to undergo the dental procedures you know are necessary out of fear that the experience will be traumatic or painful, please call Irvine sedation dentist Charles Tozzer. Furthermore, if you know that you’ve been avoiding the proper exams and procedures to maintain your oral health and now need extensive work done, it’s not too late. Irvine sedation dentist Charles Tozzer is the best dentist to help. You’ll be amazed how many years of negligence can be reversed with just a few hours of dental work under conscious sedation.

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