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For more than 30 years now, Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer, D.D.S. has been offering quality dentistry care to his Southern California patients. If you are looking for a team of highly committed dental hygienists and dentists to help your family maintain the best oral care possible, contact Tozzer Dental. Dr. Tozzer is trained to perform a wide range of dental procedures that span across fields of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry.

Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer will make sure that you and your family will receive quality dental work, whether you need a routine teeth cleaning, dental implants, teeth whitening or any other dental procedure. In addition, he’ll keep your family in-the-know about the best ways to maintain oral care and prevent extensive dental work from being necessary in the future. It’s essential to have a dedicated dentist such as Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer to establish good oral hygiene habits in your children early on. Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer and his wonderful staff make the well-being of the patients’ families a top priority. Visit the Tozzer Dental office for a premier dentistry experience.

As a licensed Irvine family dentist, Dr. Tozzer has performed hundreds of dental procedures designed to optimize your oral health and hygiene. His Southern California practice offers a multitude of dental services, including but not limited to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, treating the inflamed pulp of the teeth with root canal therapy, protecting the teeth with preventative sealants and placing crowns and bridges. In addition, an Irvine family dentist will be able to screen for oral cancers and other oral diseases using thorough dental exams for you and your whole family. Don’t let poor dental hygiene become a burden for your family—visit the dental office of an Irvine family dentist today!

As a dental professional who also specializes in cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry, adults looking for an easy way to get a brand new smile can also go to Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer for a thorough consultation. Adults who have been careless about their oral health due to a fear of visiting a dental office will truly be amazed at how easy and effective sedation dentistry procedures can be. Even a simple teeth whitening can be done under conscious sedation if the patient has a sensitive gag reflex or if he or she simply does not want to undergo the procedure consciously. For families with a history of dentophobia, or fear of dentists, sedation dentistry can be a huge help.

Contact Irvine family dentist Charles Tozzer if you have any more questions about what his dental office offers. Dr. Tozzer has lectured on a national level on topics relating to cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. He is also the founder of a non-profit group called Dental Care for Children. With an impressive set of credentials, a penchant for giving back to his community and a great smile, he will be happy to help both old patients and new patients looking for dental care.

Please call us at (949) 857-1270 to schedule a free consultation to find out more about sedation dentistry.

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