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Oral Health Myths Debunked

Oral Health Myths Debunked

It is commonplace for patients to have their own set of beliefs, whether they are from experience, their education or maybe word of mouth. Some beliefs are sometimes ludicrous while others make more sense. Regardless this Irvine sedation dentist knows how easy it is to believe in something, when we feel like it’s credible. Oral health is a department where several people beg to differ on what is good or bad for their chompers. As an Irvine sedation dentist, I feel it is my job to debunk some popular ones, if not for a healthier smile; for knowledge’s sake!

Oral Health Myth #1: We are born with weak teeth

This is absolutely not true. Many patients come in believing that they just have naturally ‘weak teeth,’ that allow them to be more susceptible to tooth decay or disease. However, ‘dentally speaking,’ ‘weak teeth’ means developmental defects for dentists. Of course, there are some effects caused by systemic illness or genetics, however, outside of these factors; lifestyle is the largest contributor to oral health. So much is preventable. That is what’s so great about healthcare.

Oral Health Myth #2: My teeth don’t bother me, so I don’t have to visit the dentist

The reality is that often times we don’t know if there is something wrong until it is too late. Many times gum disease does not prevent itself until it is so far along that drastic treatment must be taken. Furthermore, there are conditions that may not necessarily raise a red flag for you but should be treated. For example, teeth grinding, bleeding gums, teeth sensitivity or teeth flatness.

Oral Health Myth #3: My Gums are bleeding, so I shouldn’t brush so much.

If your gums are bleeding it seems natural to let them be, so they can ‘heal.’ However, gums aren’t like other parts of your body. When gums bleed it is a sign that food and plaque have accumulated and are therefore irritating your mouth. The best thing to do is to brush to remove all possible irritants. Gum bleeding can also be a sign that you are flossing or brushing too vigourously. Gentleness and consistency is key to a perfect smile, remember that!

Oral Health Myth #4: My breath smells, so I’m not brushing properly.

Bad breath can be caused by a number of different factors. This of course includes poor hygiene, but it can also mean that the foods you are eating are causing a pungent odor. Dehydration and illness also plays a role.

Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes

A bright white smile is a common request at the office of this Orange County dentist, and it’s no wonder. Studies done by Kelton of Invasalign have shown that a great smile can have lasting first impressions—a good tool when trying to find a job or date even!

Patients who are in search for their best smile often take measures into their own hands. Many of them are appropriate, such as avoiding staining foods and drinks. However, others can be damaging or a wasted effort.

The following are a list of common teeth whitening mistakes:

1) Avoiding Real Talk with your Orange County dentist
We get it. Coming to the office can be a drag, but it’s a necessary evil to go—at least every 6 months. Many times patients start their own whitening regime without informing their dentist. This can be dangerous because if your teeth are damaged or have holes in them, bleaching products can seep in and hit nerves. This would cause major pain and even damage your teeth.

2) Using Whitening Mouth Wash
Keep your hard earned cash and give tooth-whitening mouthwash a miss. Using a rinse won’t give you the results that you desire and its harsh nature could do more harm than good.

3) Leaving on Whitening Materials too Long
There’s a reason a time limit is suggested when it comes to bleaching your smile. Ignoring directions can lead to splotchy teeth and increased sensitivity.

4) Not Checking for the FDA Seal
Whitening can be costly and because of it many go online for more budget-friendly alternatives. This can be iffy because patients will often buy products or brands that are not FDA-approved, which can ultimately do great damage to your smile!

5) Going too Far
Yes, we all understand that you want the same smile as the hottest starlet on TV, but sometimes trying to get your ivories stark white—will end in loss of a healthy sheen. A good guideline is to match the color of your teeth to the whites of your eyes

For more information on how to get a whiter smile the right way, contact your local Orange County dentist today at 949-857-1270.

-Martha Ha, Tozzer Dental