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Smoking and Oral Health

I know that this Irvine dentist has already gone on and on about the perils of smoking and dental health, but let me remind you again anyway. Smoking causes a number of dental problems, such as: bad breath, tooth discoloration, inflamed salivary glands, increased plaque, loss of bone, increased risk of gum disease, and increased risk of oral cancer, etc.

How does smoking do this? Well, let me explain. Smoking and other products of tobacco lead to gum disease by affecting bone and soft tissue attachment in the teeth. Specifically, smoking interferes with the function of gum tissue cells, which makes it more susceptible to injury and disease. Cigarettes are not the only kind of tobacco product that creates health problems. In fact, pipes and cigars also lead to oral health issues. According to a 23-year old study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, cigar smokers experienced same levels of tooth loss as cigarette smokers!

This Irvine dentist has even more bad news. Those who are buying into the smokeless tobacco are in for a shock. Smokeless tobacco products also irritate gum tissue and cause tissue recession. What this ultimately means is that teeth are more susceptible to decay. Therefore the only way to protect your teeth against tobacco is to not use it! For more information on the effects of tobacco on teeth and how to quit, contact your Irvine dentist today at (949) 857-1270 for more resources!