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Happy Father's Day

Every June this Irvine dentist, along with millions of others, celebrates a special person in our lives—the person who cheered us on at little league, the one who taught us how to drive and the one who gave us a pat on the back when we needed it most; we celebrate our fathers.

Some people will buy their pop a fancy tie, some fishing gear, or even host a nice barbeque! The manner in which we show our appreciation will differ, but the sentiment will be the same. We appreciate the time, effort and love they have put into this special relationship. To carry this important relationship into the future, it is important to safeguard our fathers’ health; this includes oral health!

This Irvine dentist will give you some tips on how to keep dear old dad healthy through the years.

1) If your dad is a big BBQ fan—well that’s fantastic. Protein is an essential part of our diet and some studies even show that a diet high in protein versus carbohydrates will amount to less plaque. However, the problem with BBQ can be the sauce. Many bastings are high in sugar content, which the bad bacteria in our mouths love. To reduce sugars, try dry rubbing with seasoning or lemon juice. If dad needs that BBQ sauce, make sure he rinses his mouth after eating.

2) Some dads like to go hunting and in effect they like to make some tasty jerky! Jerky is a healthy snack and more nutritious than say a candy bar. However, Jerky can also get stuck in between teeth. Therefore, after snacking remember to floss and rinse thoroughly to prevent decay.

3) Alcohol is a nice way to wind down a celebratory evening. However, it can also be quite acidic and thus cause damage to our enamel. This isn’t to say to skip the beer altogether. Go ahead and enjoy, just try to limit yourself. Your teeth and liver will thank you in the long run!

4) That Lazy Boy you got your pops for Christmas was probably well appreciated, but it probably doesn’t help motivate him to get off the couch! They are just too comfortable, aren’t they? However, ensuring that your dad gets enough exercise is good for the heart, as well as the teeth and gums!

For more tips on oral health, contact your Irvine dentist today at (949) 857-1270!