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How to Stop Grinding?

The daily grind can come with a daily dose of stress, with levels varying across people and situations. Some people cope effectively, while others not so much. This Orange county sedation dentist is known to have a chocolate or few. Stress can have emotional consequences but also physical ones. One physical consequence of stress is teeth grinding or clenching.


Let this Orange county sedation dentist explain. Bruxism, which is the official name for grinding and clenching your teeth, wear down and tear up your teeth. When you grind your teeth, what you’re doing is chipping away at your tooth enamel, which can lead to sensitivity and decay. It can also cause extensive and expensive dental damage. In addition, grinding can put a lot of pressure on the muscles and joints of the jaw—causing damage that may lead to osteoarthritis and bone loss.


Some ways to prevent to bruxism are:


1)    1)Wearing a night guard- your dentist can custom make you one that fits to your bite.

2)    2) Keeping your lips sealed but your teeth apart.

3)    3) Taking a warm bath before bedtime to help relax your jaw muscles

4)    4) Exercise which may relieve tension and stress

5)    5) Massage

6)    6) Learning coping skills

7)    7) Limiting foods that require extra jaw work like steak and hard crusty breads.


For more tips and suggestions regarding bruxism contact your Orange county sedation dentist today!